Fish Pulimunchi recipe

#FishPulimunchi #MeenuHuliMenasu #Neerdosagravy #MangaloreFishPulimunchi #EasyFish #Gassi RECIPE FOR 1 KG FISH (Items required) 1) oil 2 tablespoon, 2) onion, 2nos. (chopped), 3) green chilli, 2nos. (vertically sliced), 4) tomatoes, 4 nos. (chopped), 5) ginger, 10g.(chopped), 6) garlic, 6 flakes crushed), 7) curry leaves, 2 sticks, 8) tamarind paste (small lime size), 9)S.R.R. Fish Curry Masala … Read more

Chicken Masala Recipe

Chicken Masala is a Most Preferred Dish All over the World, Especially by Indians. But What Makes The Authentic Mangalorian Chicken Masala so special ? Thats the Open secret that it contains the Coconut Milk. So To cook the Authentic Mangalorian Chicken Masala, what makes it special is that you use SRR Chicken Masala. RECIPE … Read more

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