Chicken Masala Recipe

Chicken Masala is a Most Preferred Dish All over the World, Especially by Indians. But What Makes The Authentic Mangalorian Chicken Masala so special ? Thats the Open secret that it contains the Coconut Milk. So To cook the Authentic Mangalorian Chicken Masala, what makes it special is that you use SRR Chicken Masala.

RECIPE FOR 1.5 Kg CHICKEN Preparation 1) Ghee 100g. 2) Onions 4 big (chopped) 3) Garlic 6 flakes (crushed) 4)Ginger 10g. (crushed) 5) Curry leaves 3 sticks, 6) Dressed chicken 1.5 kg, 7) Tomato 4 (chopped), 8) Grated coconut 1, 9) Coriander leaves 20g (chopped), 10) Lime 1. Heat ghee in a vessel, fry onions till it becomes golden brown. Now add crushed garlic and curry leaves, stir and add 80g. SRR Chicken Sukka Masala of this pack.Stir well (at low flame) and add tomatoes and ginger, stir till tomato is cooked. Now add chicken pieces, cook till chicken softens. Now add grated coconut, stir well and give one boil, squeeze the juice of 1 lime, stir and add coriander leaves and remove from heat and serve hot. (Do not add Chilly or Salt)

For Chicken Gravy: Prepare as above but instead of grated coconut add milk of one coconut (For Authentic taste) or 1 Itr Coconut milk, give one boil and as said above squeeze lime, add coriander leaves and remove from heat. (Do not add Chilly or Salt)


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